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Learn about the Tastyworks Brokerage service through this 3rd Party, Tastyworks platform review & analysis.

Tastyworks was primarily created by Tom Sosnoff. Tom Sosnoff became famous for creating the Thinkorswim platform that was sold to TD Ameritrade. Furthermore, he coordinated a success trading group, Dough/Tastytrade, since 2011.

Various topic posts have been created for your benefit that can be seen here: Tastyworks Reviews. Or continue on for the basics:

Tastyworks Commissions

Tastyworks commissions are communicated early on. Tastyworks brokerage commissions primarily coordinated for scaling-in and scaling-out trader. The commissions are designed for large quantity, in smaller increment, trades. The fees and commissions are as follows:

opening trade $1.00, stock opening trade $5.00, futures opening trade $2.50, closing trades $0.00 or free

The “fine print” fees can be seen here: Tastyworks commissions & fees.

Tastyworks Platform

The Tastyworks platform was designed to be high functioning. It kept only the tools a trader needs and none of the “fluff” other platforms have in place (see: Tastyworks screenshots). The platform functions well for both beginner and seasoned traders alike, with tools available to be easily manipulated. Motivated options traders that manipulate charts and data will benefit the most.

The platform feels different than most others. It may time time to get used to it. Overall, a quality experience, having utilized the Tastyworks platform since its release in January 2017.

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 5 reviews
by Anonymous on Tastyworks

I am happy with it so far. I make money more easily with lower fees.

by Anonymous on Tastyworks

It's okay so far. I think they are needing to publish what they are working on more. It would be good to know upcoming improvements.

by Anonymous on Tastyworks

I like how you can click and drag and move your option contracts without having to delete and reenter everything per strike.

by Anonymous on Tastyworks

by Anonymous on Tastyworks

I like it so far. Need some improvement but seems good.