Tastyworks Screenshots

Login screenshot:
tastyworks login

The basic login screen for signing into the Tastyworks desktop platform. Similar to the web-based tastytrade interface.

Options trade auto-placement complex option trade types:
tastywork screenshot options trade example

Save time by auto-inserting the options trade type you wish to place. Selections include the ability to select Long or Short and Put or Call. Then select vertical, strangle, straddle, option, iron condor, covered, butterfly, jade lizard, calendar, or stock. Once placed, you can easily drag-drop your contract positions across the chart or table. As well as change quantities, overall or individually, expiration, and more.

Options table layout:
tastyworks screenshot complex options setup

The table layout is the more traditional viewpoint with the added Tastyworks probability information included.

Tastyworks Tastytrade LIVE:
tastytrade live screenshot

Free information and educational guide. Watch and listen to the Tastytrade team as well as actual, live trades they advise and do take themselves.

Tastyworks Follow:
follow dough tastytrade traders

You can see real-time live trades from the Tastyworks team on the follow tab. Great method to discover new potential trades, duplicate trades (if desired), and learn great new trading styles from different people.


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