Simpler Options & TastyWorks Trading Options

Simpler Options & TastyWorks Trading Options


Simpler Options trading group is run by the famous John Carter. John Carter is well known for his incredibly accurate direction optional plays. Furthermore, specifically known for his multi-million dollar TSLA options trade. Members of his group have confirmed that Simpler Options coders are working with Tastyworks developers to introduce John Carter’s indicators into Tastyworks. Furthermore, Tastyworks developing their software in this direction could lead to very unique tools. Tastyworks options traders are well known for their selling option premium skills.

If you are not familiar with John Carter, you should absolutely check out his site (our referral link is in the right-hand column so you get a 30 day free trial). As of April 2017, he is up over 200% for this year alone. He restarts his account balance at around $100,000 each year and challenges himself with the goal of making $1,000,000 by year’s end.

Are the two groups are combining their efforts? If so, only good things can come from the result.

Traders will find this quite advantageous. Currently, Simpler Options indicators are built primarily for ThinkorSwim and Tradestation. Tastyworks is a newer platform. In addition, customers signed up with Tastyworks will be able to take advantage of the proprietary technology and proprietary indicators of both Tastyworks and Simpler Options for a unique trading advantage.

Tastyworks options trading group is known for success with selling premium. In addition, Simpler Options trading group is known for aggressive and successful direction plays.

Combining the two skill sets of both groups could lead to an incredible edge in options trading for traders. It may be advantageous to have an account open and at the ready to see what new tools are released.

We have followed Simpler Options for years and have been quite successful in learning their strategies and following their real time trades. If you wish to try out their membership-only trade room 30 days for free, please use this link and mention the username “underdog” in the “how did you hear about us?” section: Simpler Options Free Trial Sign up.

Traders can follow this link: TastyWorks Account Opening to sign up for a free account. Furthermore, it requires funding of $2,000+ for most options trading needs.


  1. Thank Tom and his team for bringing this to the light. I love the platform.

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